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Published on December 13th, 2013 | by Lauren Linn


Special Edition Gonzo is our Holiday Muppet

Perhaps the fantastic creators of Disney’s My Muppets Show saw our Christmas Muppet poll results, because as announced today – Dickens Gonzo is our Christmas Special Edition Muppet! With his hat and scarf, Dickens Gonzo is a festive addition for your third stage “The Rooftop.” Start trying your Harv-E combinations now! You only have until January 6, 2014 to digitize Special Edition Gonzo before he disappears like so much discarded foil wrapping paper.

UPDATE: Thanks to all our eagle-eyed Muppet fans for noting that Dressing Room Upgrades are available along with the Special Edition Gonzo release. If you can afford the diamond price tags, you’ll have lots more Dressing Room space for new Muppets (30 Diamonds for the Rooftop, 25 Diamonds for the Kitchen, and 20 for the Muppet Theater Dressing Room upgrades)!

Harv-E Combination Code for Special Edition Gonzo

Special Edition Gonzo = Pepe + Mahna Mahna (18 Hours) [Cost: 1,000 Diamonds]
Stage: The Rooftop
Available: Friday, December 13, 2014 – January 6, 2014
HARV-E Success Rate: Medium

And be sure to keep checking our Harv-E Combination Codes once stage 4, “The Ship” launches – we will add the combo codes as soon as possible!

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  • DyHrdMET

    just a heads up – I am trying to digitize Gonzo on the rooftop stage, and it told me I need room, and to upgrade my dressing rooms. I don’t remember more upgrades being available before.

    Rooftop – 30 diamonds
    Kitchen – 25 diamonds
    Theater – 20 diamonds

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  • Huk

    Eight tries and nothing… Anyone had some luck?

    • Lauren Linn

      I did have extreme luck and have digitized Special Edition Gonzo. Just keep trying!

  • ~JaiMe~

    ipad: 1st 18hrs in Harv-e completed, only 18 more in digitizer *YaY!!*

    android: on try #7 & still no luck *snif*

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  • ~JaiMe~

    FYI unfortunately, the success rate on SE Gonzo is low, not medium :s

  • Chuck Maddox

    I’m on try #13 and NOTHING. I have everyone at level 15, my dressing room on roof is maxed, and nothing. I have even tried PEPE and Mahna backwards once, to see if that was a trick like on that other set… Nope.

    I have a bad feeling bout this…

    • Chuck Maddox

      Just had a big idea!!!

      Please come to my rooftop and LIKE IT!!! I want to see if I get so many likes, if that’s the trick!! I wouldn’t put it past them!!

      Friend Code: 5343554EK and LIKE MY ROOFTOP, or give it a great rating, or whatever it is! Oh, and I’m North America!


  • Pribs78

    20+ tries, still no Gonzo. Everything is maxed !

  • pixieskull2312

    Finally got Gonzo, he’s digitizing now. I thought I was going to miss him completely since I didn’t have Pepe till a couple of days ago. 4 tries muppets were level 4 so just absolute luck of the draw.

  • Lee Ann Patch

    Just started please add 69306882NE US thanks!

  • DjAntuan

    Hi, I got Gonzo but at the time I was giving him food he dissapeared! Only his trumpet can be heard. I’m trying to digitize him one again without success. Help me please

  • chris

    in around 40 h i will have Pepe, so I don´t have the chance to get the special gonzo :-(


    • Lauren Linn

      Congrats on getting Pepe! I know it is a bummer to miss a Special Edition Muppet (I never got Special Edition Janice, sigh) but there will be plenty more cool ones to get in the future!

  • chris

    I worked hard to get the SE Gonzo but could not get him :-(

    Add me please, I give daily likes

    “Applause Applause”


    “Muppet´s in Trash” (Europe)


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