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Published on December 3rd, 2013 | by Lauren Linn


Get Ready for the New Stage in My Muppets Show

new stage icon with sam the eagleThe highly anticipated new stage of Disney’s hit game “My Muppets Show” is just around the corner. With an official addition of the new stage icon on the Map menu, the launch could be in a matter of days. What can you do now to get ready for the explosive new release of stage 4 “The Ship?”

In preparation for stage 3 “The Rooftop” I madly collected coins and cooked as much food as possible. In retrospect – I am changing my strategy this time around. Here is my prep plan for the gameplay on the new stage.


A new stage means HUGE coin expenses to level up. Right off the bat, the Ship stage will likely cost close to a million coins. Historically, we can compare the stage 4 price tag to the initial expense of the Rooftop (stage 3), which was 750,000 coins, available at Level 17. I am doing my best to save up 10,000,000+ coins this week.

Plan on Three Dressing Room Upgrades

Additionally, Dressing Room upgrades arrive swiftly and expensively. There is nothing more frustrating that sitting on a fully digitized Muppet when you are ready to spin the Harv-E for your next must-have-Muppet! Upgrade the Dressing Room as soon as you get the new stage and plan on an estimated three Dressing Room upgrades total.

Temporarily Reduce Food Production

I plan to maintain an even level of food units but won’t go overboard. My goal is to keep about 100,000 food units in stock at all times. In preparation for the Rooftop stage I cooked a bunch of food and left it on the Concession Stands, in order to cash in the XP points once I could accrue it again and pass XP level 17. This time around I plan to conserve coins for the big expenses on the new stage and forego the massive food cook out. Remember, a Muppet must be at level four in order for you to enter it into the Harv-E as part of a Muppet combination. As long as you can level up the first round of basic Muppets to level four, you can save the big feedings for later.

Enjoy the Ride!

I raced through stage 3 the Rooftop quickly; I bought decorations left and right, always opted to speed up digitization of the Muppets. I plan to slow down and enjoy stage 4 the Ship. My first priorities will be Dressing Room upgrades and placing Muppets on the stage. I plan to save the process of leveling my new Muppets up until after I get through the initial rush of the new stage.

I can’t wait to see new XP levels, new secret achievements, new Muppets, new decorations, new stage design, and a new song! Get ready for the Ship stage!

preview of the new stage on the map menu The new stage icon for “The Ship” stage 4 was added to the My Muppets Show Map menu on December 3, 2013.

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  • ~JaiMe~

    i am soooo ready! got nearly 5 million in food & almost 70 million coins & anticipation that is thru the roof(top) :b
    we all are feeling the ‘wave’ of excitement now!! 😀

    • Lauren Linn

      Nice! 70 million coins will definitely get you far fast!

  • Joca

    Anyone else noticed that we can upgrade our dressing rooms already? Or is it me who hasn’t noticed it before?

    • Lauren Linn

      A big update released today along with the Special Edition Gonzo – the options to upgrade dressing rooms might have come with that. Did you notice it today?

      • Joca

        Yes, that and now we’re back again to level 22 and not level max, but no new xp points still.

        • Lauren Linn

          The developers updated the “Coming Soon” stage icon for stage 4 this morning – I bet the new stage will be any day now. The XP level change is probably in prep for stage 4.

  • Miranda Shadowind

    Excellent strategies, though you left out a couple things worth noting:

    1) As with the first three stages, The Ship will likely need cleaning up, which naturally takes extra coins to pull off.

    2) It couldn’t hurt to remind people to keep digitizing Muppets – particularly duplicates with the best return value – for extra coins when they aren’t digitizing ones they need, as pointed out in another article.

    • Lauren Linn

      Great points Miranda! Thanks for sharing those tips.

      • Miranda Shadowind

        You’re welcome!

  • Denise Raich

    my icon still shows the ship as “coming soon”… i’m at level 22, why isnt it showing up?

    • Lauren Linn

      Denise – you may need to download the update for the game from your app store.

  • Christine Melfa

    Is there ever going to be a new level??? I’m capped at 30. All my muppets are at Level 15 and I’m getting ready to just quit the game altogether.

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