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Published on September 20th, 2013 | by Eric WizKid Odom


Secret Achievement: Smoke and Mirrors

The Goals menu is chock-full of great ways to level-up, but for many, the Achievements list is the gold mine, or should I say diamond mine. The majority of the achievements are straight forward, “Level-up to 15”, “Add 10 friends in the friends menu”, etc. There are multiple achievements that are secret and give no clues as to what to do to earn the reward – that’s where we come in!





Smoke Machine


The Rooftop

Okay, this one is pretty straight forward. All you need to unlock the “Smoke and Mirrors” achievement is the Vanity and Smoke Machine.

Simply place the Smoke Machine next to the Vanity to earn your three diamonds.



Screenshot of the Vanity and Smoke Machine on the Rooftop of My Muppets Show

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