Secrets Animal and the Giant Prune unlock the Insta-Growing Pains Secret Achievement

Published on September 17th, 2013 | by Lauren Linn


Secret Achievement: Insta-Growing Pains




Giant Prune


The Rooftop

The achievement “Insta-Growing Pains” might give you a run for your money, but is easy enough to accomplish once you have the coin. I figured the Insta-Growing Pains achievement would have to involve the Giant Prune as its description mentions the Insta-Grow pills developed by Muppet labs. At 1,000,000 coins a pop, the Giant Prune is no cheap decoration. I tried placing it next to the Concession Stand and the Lab but no luck. Almost by chance, I unlocked this secret achievement. Does anyone with expert Muppet know-how get the connection between Animal and the Giant Prune?

Insta-Growing Pains Achievement Revealed

Place the Giant Prune beside Animal.

Insta-Growing Pains unlocked

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  • Mantaraya

    In The Muppet Movie, Animal eats the same instagrow pills that made the prune giant.

    • Lauren Linn


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  • Shawn

    Added you…I like how you model your stages…41882946HA

  • ShellyD

    Since it looks like you’re digitizing Janice (grats!), the “Where’s My Man?” achievement just requires you to put Janice next to the bass stand. Reference to the fact that Floyd (bass player) is not available on the rooftop.

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