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Published on September 14th, 2013 | by Lauren Linn


First View from the Rooftop: Third Stage

The view from the top is as good as they say… but full of trash! iOS devices have the ability to install an app update for My Muppets Show as of this morning, but Android devices are still out in the cold. Once you are at XP level 17 you may purchase the Rooftop for 750,000 coins.

buy the rooftop stage for 750,000 coins

It may take a while to add Janice, Dr. Teeth, and Pepe to the Rooftop, but there is plenty to do in the meantime. Once you digitize stage three, be sure to complete these tasks ASAP and pave the way for your new Muppets:

  • Clean up obstacles like piles of trash. Make more room for Muppets and decorations!
  • Upgrade your dressing rooms, and continue to do so as frequently as you can afford it. A single Muppet can require up to four dressing rooms so you’ll max out on dressing room space in the Rooftop pronto.
  • Get Harv-E and concession stands on the stage. Once you buy your first few Muppets you will need to feed them to level them up before entering them into the Harv-E. Cook that food!

Muppet Combination Codes for the Rooftop

Looking for the Muppet Combination codes for the Rooftop? We’ve got you covered – check out the master combination code page, where we will be frequently adding the new combination codes as soon as we unlock them. Have you digitized the Rooftop yet? Let us know in the comments!

Rooftop blurb

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  • Chris Gaines

    any word on the update for Android? We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of stage 3.

  • Elliott Cochran

    Nothing official yet, Chris, but should be any day now!

  • Oldiesmann

    Hope it comes for Android soon. I’m almost done digitizing everyone in the kitchen. Finally got Walter after 6 or 7 tries.

    • Lauren Linn

      It’s got to be around the corner. I know the game developers are struggling with some iOS bugs… hopefully that isn’t sucking too much time away from getting the Android launch out the door.

      • Oldiesmann

        Just got the update with the rooftop stage a few minutes ago. Nice to know I now have something else to spend my coins on besides food 😛

        • Eric WizKid Odom

          Thanks for the heads up! Just finished cleaning all the trash off my rooftop.

  • Mark Newton

    So any ideas on achievements for smoke & mirrors, great aspirations, crustacean Casanova, where’s my man?

    • Eric WizKid Odom

      We’re working on getting those up. Check back later today and through the weekend as we update with all the ways to unlock the secret achievements. You can Like us on Facebook or follow on Twitter (@DigitizeMyShow) to get updates each time we post.

  • Jennifer

    Smoke and mirrors….place fog machine in front of pink vanity on rooftop.

  • Mark Newton

    Got the smoke & mirrors achivement

  • Mike Andrews

    Put Janice next to the bass stand for where’s my man. Put Beaker next to the gorilla detector and the lab for another. Put the seamstress mannequin beside Pepe for Crustacean Casanova. It’s mentioned elsewhere but put the fog machine next to the vanity for smoke and mirrors.

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