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Published on August 12th, 2013 | by Lauren Linn


Muppet Combos for the Harv-E: How to Get the Muppet You Want!

We have more than a few theories for getting the Muppet you want.

A. High Level Muppets Lead to Combo Success
We have a theory that the Muppet combos entered into the Harv-E are more likely to earnthe Muppet you want when the original Muppets entered into Harv-E are at a higher level.  So bump up your Durwood Clapper and the Divettes before you try to spin for Miss Piggy!  And be sure you are selecting your higher-level muppets when you have duplicates on stage.

B. Alternating Combo Codes Lead to Success
Don’t keep trying for Miss Piggy 17 times in a row. Switch over to a less coveted combo and come back to Miss Piggy in another spin. Did it work?

What do you think? Leave us a comment below and let us know if you think we’re right.

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  • Laura Kat

    I appreciate your site: Friend Codes: 3651123MC & 34328642GG & 47461186NM

  • Toms

    Also, pay attention to how Harv-E displays the muppet combo when it’s selected as it’s usually displayed reversed before you activate it.
    I have had success by flipping the combo (e.g. Pepe = Snowth + Bloosman) when you enter it into Harv-E reverse it ( Bloosman + Snowth).

  • Fozzie wozzie doodle

    I am so addicted to this game. I love it!!! Hope they make another stage. What will I do when I have all the characters? Please check mine out. Hope you like! Thank you 2061123DL

  • Mooppet

    I’ve digitized all my kitchen and stage muppets but I’ve had no luck with the rooftop. So you have to be at a certain level for the rooftop? Lvl 13 muppets aren’t working and I’m on level 19(not my muppets). Also if I’m digitizing elsewhere are my chances lower?

    • Silly Singers

      I imagine that since the muppets in the kitchen needed to be level 13, the rooftop ones will need to be 14 or 15. Just a guess.
      In the kitchen, it only took me 2 tries to digitize Kermit and the first try was at level 12 and the second try was at level 13.

      • MuppeterEd

        15 is the highest level the muppets reach in my game. I have most all my muppets to level 15, and I still cannot get the medium requested muppets appear. I didn’t have any issues on stage 1 & 2, other than getting Walter and Kermit to the stage. I am working to level all the muppets on the stage to level 15. I have tried for Janice 7 times in a row with level 15 muppets and she’s NOT accepting the offer.

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    This is an awesome site! Appreciate the help!
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    Loving it! My friend code is 63136898EK :)

  • chris

    About to delete the game.. over a month and I cannot digitize a single “low” Muppet on three stages. I have tried multiple tricks and nothing is working.

    • Silly Singers

      Feed your muppets and level them up… high at least level 10 for stage1, Level 13 for stage 2, and I’m thinking possibly higher for stage 3. I don’t even have stage 4 yet, so I can’t comment on that yet.

    • Breann Vogt

      Your muppets MUST be fed to a 4 before you will be able to Har-v them. I hope this helps

  • chris

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  • Elli_001

    please can someone help me how to get the secret Boom-Shaka-Laka?? Thank you.. :)

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  • spotcase

    I just “discovered” this page today via a link someone posted on another page…I suppose I should go back and thank them! I love your info & your layout! Great job!

    • Lauren Linn

      Thanks for checking the site out!

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