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Published on August 15th, 2013 | by Eric WizKid Odom


All the Friends

Looking for friend / referral codes? Look no further!

There are multiple achievement levels to hit depending on how many friends you have. You can add friends by syncing your Facebook account to the game, as well as inserting your friend’s referral code under the Invite button on the Friends menu. You can also share/invite via the Facebook, Twitter and email buttons in the Friends menu.

Be advised, using the Facebook, Twitter, and email buttons will take you out of the game to the sharing app that you chose.


Helping Hand Diamond

Submit a referral code in the options menu.

Tight-knit Diamond

Add 10 friends in the friends menu.

Lots O’ Friends DiamondDiamond

Add 25 friends in the friends menu.

All the Friends DiamondDiamondDiamondDiamondDiamond

Add 50 friends in the friends menu.

There are multiple places to find friend codes. The official My Muppets Show Facebook page has hundreds of users sharing there’s, but we encourage you to share yours here and there (you can never have too many friends, right?).

Check out everyone’s codes below, and don’t forget to leave yours for some extra diamonds!

*Referral codes are region based, so please include your country so no outside of your region wastes time trying to get your code to work. Thanks!

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Friend Codes: 20290242BA

  • Eric WizKid Odom

    I’ve got two codes since I’m playing on two different Android devices.


    • Victoria

      My code is 58978498KG and I am in the United States.

    • Sara

      I’m in the US. My code is 71680706KK

  • Lauren Linn

    My Muppets Show friend code: 20851778LM

    • 47290307LL

      I got you

      this is my code

      47290307LL Europe

      • Janey

        Australia – my friend code: 50438145DB

        • Netti

          Australia – my friend code is 18093121DJ

          • Gg

            Added you Netty, cheers. 58753025JB

        • chris

          Muppet´s in Trash (Europe)


        • Gg

          Friend code 58753025JB AUSTRALIA (also works in New Zealand and across Asia)

    • nitsuj

      My Muppets Show friend code: 86352322LA

    • Paulo

      My Muppets Show friend code:19949570KC (Brazil)

    • Rachel Coomber

      Hi I am from Wales in the UK


    • John Drews

      44455618CC – US (Maxed Level!)

    • Leigh

      mine is ….. III370562JI or 111370562JI

    • showtime8753

      My friend code is 45929218CK (USA)

    • showtime8753

      My friend code is 97814274IG

      • showtime8753

        BTW USA

    • SuperCmotdibbler .

      hi code uk 74705027AN

  • Oldiesmann

    Here’s mine: 29012290KK

  • Bay Street

    My friend code is 19552642CC, and I’m in the US.

  • Lisa Ammann

    I thought I posted my friend code yesterday, but now I don’t see it here. I’m in the U.S. 21982978HM

  • Norma

    Hi friend code is 36006914CK in the US

    • SchloSs

      Finally a serious home page for a fun game..Awesome!
      Please add me my friend code is 40835330KC

  • A.j

    —> 28471170LA (aj from toronto)

  • Natasja Hagedoorn

    24901827HD Is mine code, I’m from Holland.

    • Eric WizKid Odom

      Greetings Natasja! S/O to our first commenter from another continent!

  • Ken

    6757698HM. USA

  • DyHrdMET

    good stuff on this site. I’ve been wondering about the 3rd stage.
    5913154JI in the US

  • Cityboy75

    My muppets code is 30470147DL

  • Cityboy75

    Why ain’t the codes working any ideas?

    • Eric WizKid Odom

      I tried your code you posted earlier and no luck getting it to work. It could be that you’re from another region. The majority of us are from the US, so only codes from fellow US players work for us. Where are you at?

  • andjela

    add me 31390083EJ

  • Leftysings429

    Here’s mine 44279298JA (USA)

  • attackman

    6823170AC, USA. Enjoy, and thanks!

  • Tomsy Adelina

    Yo what up Muppet lovers, i am from holland (The Netherlands Amsterdam)
    please add me (10984323BH)


  • JS

    Friend me! 22819842FM – in the US

  • Patrick

    I5748226AC for a glorious, three hour finale.

  • SDKmoopet

    My muppet friend code is 9211586KK

  • AJ

    3977795IF AJ from the UK.

  • Karma Barbeque

    15771330JE, in the US

  • David Kaufman

    My friend code: 43102402FA (USA)

  • Renicon

    8445634JE AND 10534914CG
    I have 2 games on the go, please add me as a friend or referral.
    Thanks! (Canada)

  • Rick

    I think I heard someone say it increases your HARV-E odds if you have a friend who’s number starts with “29″ …might as well give it a try, huh? :)

  • Laura Kat


  • Diezal

    My Muppets Show friend code: 1454914EK

  • Brian Fowler

    My code is29923778jm…usa…totally trying to get on the weekly rank but have no idea how many likes I need:(

  • ~JaiMe~

    Please add me & like my stages…thanx!!
    17862978BA & 46110722JA

  • Karm

    21225730NE. Canadian Muppet Love! Add and refer me.. I look and like my friends.

  • Claudia Aiaoderp

    27681795BL Europe

  • Paul

    My muppet show code is


  • Alicia G

    41450243CB – I’m in the UK

  • MommyHudi

    28632259GN Israel

  • Stephanie Elisa

    Hi everybody add me 35506882CG USA

  • Rachael

    My referral code is 49054466KK for US. Please feel free to add me! Thanks! Code will work for diamonds as well as friends.

  • SchloSs

    Hi fellows please add me and lets all be friends :-) 40835330KC

  • Gonzo

    Friend code: 24356290JA

  • Jerry A. Coxwell

    Level 16 and 8 Respectively. Highly addicted to this game. Wish there was a pc version for Facebook. Referral codes 49766978JL and 51790805EK. North American server. Look forward to seeing many folks at the Muppet Mayhem and Movin’ Right Along productions.

  • Eidan

    My friend code: 33097923GN. I am in EU

  • Cully

    20439810CK in the US



    ———-> 26480963GN <———-

  • sugarwoman

    My muppets show friend code 50097154N1. I am in the u.s.

  • Tonsils code, please add–>>. 5036778HM

  • giuseppe_cavallaro

    My friend code 30982595BH. I am in Italy

  • Nothgiel


  • Gonzolicious

    Uk Friend code….93645IMN

  • AgileMJOLNIR

    Please add:) Thanks everyone!
    10534914CG (United States)

  • Mark

    My friend code is 48379266mg.

  • TZ Love

    Friend code: 7728322FA, USA “Muppet Bounce”

  • Meandmyshadow

    My Muppet Show Friends Code is 40565186IC

  • Tasja

    Please add me 43313219MN – europe.

  • Joe Maldonado

    USA 18833282MK

  • Lisa Ann Hillberg

    My Friend Code Is 52498242MK
    If I Have Not Added U As A Friend Plz Tell Me Cuz I Need To Get 50 Friends…Right Now I Have 29…I’m In The US…

    • Walker Enterprises


  • SAM


  • Stephen Etherton

    Kermit asked that you add me, please. 52960898EC

  • GonzosNose

    My friend code is 36249154EC and I’m in the US. Thanks!!!

  • Nicole Roe


  • Sam

    Hi my code is 53005570fi I’m in the US thanks guys

  • c Gilbert

    hi my ref code is 28855107DL in the UK :-)

  • grucy

    42189827FL. Add me :D

  • Victor Rodriguez

    In the United States
    Thank you

  • Danielle

    54320962FM -thank you!

  • ImaTracer42

    My friend code is: 47934530DA

    • Nicole

      49546050JE ~ US

  • Ian Juhl

    Friend code 89806i0li USA


    39548035IB ITALY

  • fabiola

    my friend code is 58082626DA. I´m from Brazil.

  • carolyn

    Friend me I have all muppets and maxed out on levels!! 50251650JE. USA

  • Name

    I’m in the USA and My friend code is 42624898je

  • Steven Morihara

    22021250gk from Hawaii

  • aykaysee

    my friend code 54029250LI (USA)

  • Cris

    57036738FM Canada. Did someone say “cheap 3D tricks?”

  • Asal

    My code 44715137NN (Australia)

  • Stephanie Percy

    28435330FA USA In need of friends helpppp laugh out loud :)

  • Pepe’s Papa’s

    If your a European player add me: 46480835EB

  • Walker Enterprises

    57065474CC please add me in the US

  • Ian

    27716547GN in England. Desperately trying to hit 50 friends to complete!!

    • Gayle Meehan

      i’ve added you i’m in England as well my code is 38716675IJ

  • CazhMonet

    North America: 59926594DA. Hit me up!

  • Moopet Montage

    North America: 9592258AC Help a brother out please!

  • Rachael Spurgeon

    Having to start all over! In the US 60938498KG

  • Carolyn D. Wiesner

    My friend code is 15665346IC, USA.

  • chris

    Add me please!!!

    EUROPE 47290307LL

  • Karina

    26330083BL in Germany EU Please add me, I am a good friend :)

  • Matthew Martin


  • Fozzenburg

    10205506NM ~ UsA

  • 47290307LL

    Add me please!!!

    EUROPE 47290307LL

    I am a good friend :)

  • 47290307LL

    Please add:) Thanks everyone!

    • Jimbo

      Add my code please? I added yours my code is 81646466IK thanks :)

  • Tanya

    Add me please :)
    55551938LE from North America.

  • CazhMonet

    North America: 59926594DA – CazhMonet. Please Add!

  • Nicole

    49546050JE ~ US Thanks!

  • ~JaiMe~

    ==17862978BA== USA
    ❄HaPPy HoLiDaYz❄ muppet fans!

  • Dave Bux

    61509890JE (USA) Thanks!

  • pixieskull2312

    41911682de USA Thanks!

  • Muppeteer

    Mine is 64684162IC (US)

  • DanFinFan

    Add me!! 62335746KC

  • Vincent Thomas

    Vincenzo friend code 65756482le

  • Debbie Stiles Malsberger

    64266626GC (USA) newbie, but my stage is almost cleared of debris and I only have 4 muppets left!

    • Toni Pruden

      60211138he. If you put a friend code in the referral code spot, they get diamonds. I will put you in.

  • Toni Pruden

    Please add me. 60211138he (USA)

  • Антон Швецов

    48009729hn 48045249ah Россия!!!

  • Seandewolfe

    My code is 308738BM. Merry Christmas. Listening to John Denver and the Muppets as we speak!

  • Bryan

    6133350570CC, Canada . Thanks!

  • Neil Hansen


    • Jimm Anslow

      My code is 56375554CC USA here. I added you.

    • Sarah

      Hi, 69204867lj

  • Diego

    My code is 11924931EJ

  • Mizzpiggy

    Can you add me? My friendcode is: 53020547ND, i’m in europe, and i’m playing on ios. I hope you had a wunderfull christmas and have a happy new year!

  • Bolio Brian



  • Freakenstein

    My code is 74605890DI and I hope you will add me. Thanks

    • Freakenstein

      BTW. I’m in USA.

  • MuppetFan

    Please consider adding me: 50128834NA USA

  • Eli

    Check mine out too!

  • Vishal J

    My friend code is 64788994AC. Please add. Thank you!

    • Vishal J

      Sorry I’m in the U.S. 64788994AC. Thanks!

  • Lorishka Kotoff

    My code: 1519234BM United Stated

  • Dalamara

    US player, code # 29997250BM :)

  • Imuzeri

    US code:
    6567 7250 BI

  • h.a.a

    Here is mine: 24506242EG (US)

  • Darcy Hanna-McDaniel

    My friend code is 31071170CC – United States

  • Meegee

    78035266DE (US code)

  • Jay

    North America – 11460290HI
    I’ve almost filled my ship!
    Thanks for adding me!

  • Froggy


    “Sweetness” :)

  • Mikhail

    Add me PLZ 32492035ib

  • Bolio Brian


    Thank you!

  • Wolf and The Moons

    US code: 6757 7218 NI

  • Bears wear hats

    Please add me. USA 59127682EG


  • Amberlyn

    Hello, I live in the US and I play daily and my friend code is 19405122NI

  • amber

    I added lots of you, mine is 33247042fm

  • Mikhail

    Plz add me 32492035IB N TRUST ME U WILL LUV MY STAGE

  • Robin

    My code is 79259979IK

    • Robin

      I am in the US

  • Amanda Roundy

    82035330IK USA

  • Kondzio, 5 years

    Please, feel free to add mine as well, I’m counting on you ;) 21828035KN

  • MrMax

    My code 48575043FD Europe

  • MonsterRot


  • Robert

    My code is 246914FM

  • chris

    now I’m at level 25 and the game is boring now, just to earn money and feed the Muppets :-( and the XP bar does not move

    47290307LL “APPLAUSE APPLAUSE” Europe/Germany

  • Bolio Brian


    Happy New Year!

  • Fozzy

    US: My Muppet Show code is 51212610BE

  • dily0483

    Please add 83338114AK and 83532738LI. We return Likes to all freinds.

    • Tubes

      You were my 25th friend. Thanks

  • Jimbo

    Add me 81646466IK in the US

  • Julia London

    6688147Bi (that’s an i NOT an L) US :-)

  • Julia London

    6688147bBI (that’s an i NOT an L) USA :-)

  • Jenny M Branch

    =^..^= Love this site! Thanks so much for all of the info! 78635586JE

    • Lauren Linn

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Alucinogenius


    I’m from Portugal and my code is 64546243DD

  • Marty McFadden

    US – 13980674JE.

  • Aaron

    My friend code is 18975938bi and I’m in the US

  • Tubes

    (U.S) 36553410MG

  • Hez

    My code is 28383426FE

  • Paulo

    19949570KC . Please add (Brazil)

  • Dave

    50832066ag love this game!

  • Sandra

    Add me…my friend code : 48632515LL Europe

  • Lacy

    My friend code 54166082cg add me please!

  • yaz679

    my friend code: 37489730GG (US)

  • Kathryn Swatman

    USA 71170242DM

  • Elli_001

    Please add me: 53509507IB Europe

  • Sean Livingston

    Hey, everyone!
    My Muppets Show friend code is 46141186FA (USA)! :-)

  • Gayle Meehan

    hi i’m in England and my code is 38716675IJ

  • Aunt Heather

    Hey Ho, North America here.
    My six year old niece’s code:
    (we live far apart and FaceTime about the game. Her set-ups are awesome)

    • Debbie Fine

      My 5 year old son was so excited to hear a 6 year old had a game, so we tried to add you both, but only her code worked.

      • KykyD

        My son is 5 as well, and we really enjoy this app. My friend code is 89888514HI. Enjoy!

  • Debbie Fine

    My Myppet Show Code is 27862978HM

  • Zach Auton

    Hey everyone, my friend code is 22501186JE. Thanks for stoppin by.

  • jxdeleon

    USA, friend code 84836674MK

  • MB

    Add me, USA-81366850MG

  • BikinDude

    88029058EG…have fun!

  • Ghost


  • Aisha

    4198465BN asia :)

  • Papaman627

    USA 89653826DM

  • Matteodawg


    • Matteodawg


    • 85245058FM

      this one isn’t working

  • babydee

    My Muppets show code is 65127170DM. Add me I’m on every day. :)

  • Littlewheeler

    My code is 71759746JI (USA)

  • Erin

    USA – 69166530AK

  • Tina Hicks Siegel

    stages, “Sebby’s Muppets” are set up really nice!! Friend Code: 20807746JE USA

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  • Mt Orange

    My code is 83988738JE (USA)

  • Brian

    US here – 59499330BI

  • Kathleen Appling

    my muppets friend code is 38298690DM United states

  • spongebanks

    thanks fellow muppet lovers…..43748226IC

  • amburger

    I love the muppets! Referral code 33247042FM (US)

  • Adrienne W

    61573058LE, Canada. :)

  • KykyD

    My Muppets friend code is 89888514HI

    • KykyD

      And USA

  • Dylan

    My Code: 66563458DM I’ll like your stage daily :)

  • Tiberius Kira Kayla Practice

    89673538hm USA

  • Kakenss

    Add me 66891971DD Europa

  • Sarah Weston

    63637315NH Europe

  • Mrmax

    Add me … 48575043FD Europe

  • Z00T

    USA – 91162754AC – WOKA WOKA

  • Hopedreams

    22034754fa. Aloha from Hawaii

  • Derran

    93283330NA (Brazil)

  • ellipseorange

    My friend code is: 67021891JD (Europe)

  • muppets54

    Hello mine is 67842883KF ( Europe ) add me please

  • Miles5x5

    I want people to add me!

    • Miles5x5

      BTW, I’m in USA

  • Argentursa

    Hi add me please 94377090fm (USA)
    just starting but easily addicted.

  • Noelle


  • Roland

    Please add me! 36838275CN Europe Germany!

  • Jason Phillips

    Daily player and loving it!
    Friend code: 92474178EK
    US Player and added a lot of the ones from comments beneath mine.
    I don’t know he to add ones from other countries though.

  • Anna Smuppet

    5222080EC. Playing in the US! :)

    • 85245058FM

      code doesnt work

  • Mandy

    Add me! 95299650KG (USA)
    Thanks!! :)

  • Kati Janowiec

    ADD ME! I play everyday ! USA 73020162EG

  • erin3978

    My code is 94971202GC (USA) Thanks!

  • zowie

    686201631F (Europe) Visit my Muppet’s bubble!!

  • Maria LaFrance

    USA – 89701442IG

    • yolo swag

      69642499if europe (muppet stars)

  • Lynn

    Please add me. My friend code: 57084034LA and I am in the US. Thank you!

  • Mike Rashitov

    Hi there!

    My friend code: 66334211FD

    • 85245058FM

      entered this friend code twice and says “no user found”

      • Mike Rashitov

        maybe because i’m in Europe?

  • Posie

    Here ya go! 95164162LI

  • Tina Chandler Gifford

    Add me I have 2 devices
    93014402ag 93315522ik usa

  • Donnie Bean

    My friend code is 89348738NM, U.S.

  • crysta

    What do l get if I mix big mo and snoth

  • Jax and Jack

    Please add me! USA code: 76736578JI (that’s an “i”)

  • burianekfamily

    This site is a treasure trove!!! My friend code is 86012482BM

  • 85245058FM

    click on “settings” then “referral code” then enter friend code
    i have 2 codes since I play on android tablet (85245058FM) and iPhone (86012482BM)

    • 85245058FM


  • Muppetmaster

    Another huge Muppet Show fan here! Add me: 88717506JM (USA), Make sure to like my stages and I’ll do the same :-) . Thanks guys!

  • joszi

    My code is 47735363GJ

  • Jonathan Allison

    My friend code:

    70652163FL (Europe)

  • bones420

    my muppets code 60068098kk US

  • drew

    Hey guys add me to please. I’ve added everyone on here so far. 81406786ck. I’m in nyc

  • Gizmo


  • Billy boy

    45562819NL europe. pls add me!

  • JP Price

    My 5 year old and I are addicted to this! Our code is 69902147JH Europe.

  • 82592386NI

    82592386NI (USA)

  • Aaron P.

    Please add me USA

  • Elliott Cochran

    Late to the party 47778II4KK

  • Muppets inc.

    My code is 64744258EG. (USA)

  • Gil Harris

    My friend code is 90564674EC and I am in the U.S. I was not able to add any friends from other countries except for Canada.

    • Lauren Linn

      Thanks for visiting, Gil!

  • Muppet man

    Add me in uk 48619843jd. :)

  • Kirsty Luan Peters Hall

    70092867EN from UK

  • NextGenGirl

    Everything’s Awesome: 96561538NM

    • NextGenGirl


  • Optramark

    82341762EK (USA)

  • cybernova

    Friend code 18181122BE – stage name cybernova – USA

  • jason ryan

    my code is: 5886787MJ (IRELAND)

    • Leigh

      didn’t work

      • Adam

        does work, I’ve just added him myself, think you can only add people in the same region meaning Europe, USA, Asia, Australia etc

  • Turtle19

    USA 29334978LE

  • Rob Drake

    Find me on the game…my friend code is 29172162CG

  • Keith

    55706690MC – USA

  • Walt this Way

    I would love for you guys to add me too! :) 29702146CG. USA. THANKS GUYS!

  • Cat123789

    Friend Codes: 95258690NI please add , I need friends lol my muppet show is lonely lol

  • Nikki

    Friend code: 12825090GG USA Thanks!

  • michael

    Looking for irish friend codes please!!!!!!!!!

    • Shauna

      85015427NH – Europe

  • mvw


  • Kristina

    My code is 77562051DH (UK)

  • Rob Rohland

    USA. 9330114LM. please add

  • colette

    Please add me. My friend code is 14860035HL im in the u.k….please and thank you…..xxxxxxx

  • Vixs

    My code is 7207757ILD and Im in the UK

  • Robin’s show

    Please add and like me!
    My friend code is: I5832579BH .
    I have got all muppets and all special muppets and almost all special extra stuff.
    My current level is 26!
    Please add and like me: I5832579BH !
    I’m from Europe.

    • Robin’s show
  • marioa64

    Hi, please add me US code 113695234NI

  • Jenn

    Please add me! My friend code is 1067100181HI Canada :)

    • Mantaraya

      bad code? ^^^

  • Shannon

    74288450KG US Muppet friend code

  • Val

    My code is 114522306DM (US). Please add.

  • Tiff Anne

    48028802NM : D

  • єlєαnσr fσrd

    90162179EB (UK/Europe)

  • Shauna!

    85015427NH – Europe add me :)

  • Guest

    Friend Code: 9I686722FE USA

  • Kamira Isaacs

    9I686722FE USA

  • Lou

    62188547HL. (Europe)

  • Robin’s show

    Please add and like me!
    My friend code is: 15832579BH .
    I have got all muppets and all special muppets and almost all special extra stuff.
    My current level is 27!
    Please add and like me: 15832579BH !
    I’m from Europe.

  • dagrt

    My FRIEND CODE ( INDIA -ASIA) IS 57369729JJ PLEASED ADD :-) ;-):-D:-:O

  • TDB

    116752322DE USA

  • Carrie

    EUROPE – 73771459ND

  • Nicola

    Please add me ! Europe/UK

  • adam

    uk= 80548547kb

  • Me

    Not allowed to have facebook till I am older. Please add me: 9701218jm in U.S.A. The ones might be I or l. We can’t tell. Thank you very much.

  • Cindy

    Add me..(; My code is. 53919875GB thak u all!!! (;

  • Jim

    USA new player but learning fast code

  • Cindy

    Add me..(; My code is. 53919875GB thak u all!!!

  • kazzy

    Hi every one please add me I am in the UK and my code is 35353347FL thanks…….what do we get for liking the stages ??
    Love the game

  • Ramona

    Please add me. 1992947mg. Thx. This site rocks!

    • Mantaraya

      Bad code ^^^

  • LaurenElise

    Hi! Please add me. 117905858HA. Playing from the USA.

  • ~ Princess Jen ~

    Love this! feel free to add me 102951682he

  • erin

    Add me 59441921CH (AUSTRALIA)

  • Jason

    My friend code II7430082LA

  • Mantaraya

    California: “Shuppet Mow” friend code 29621186HA :-)

  • zand


  • Lola Guin


    Massachusetts, U.S.A.

  • Tjb45


  • ODoyle

    US – 35218178FI

  • 85814914BM


  • Juan Carlos Meri VIladomat

    My code in Europe is 62947715MN

  • Mark Demma

    USA 40299906FM

  • Aleesha Varley

    muppet code. US-118392386JA

  • Aleesha Varley

    muppet code. US-51175106DM

  • Mandy Carey

    322066082CK USA

  • Lee Pursey

    My code is 82232323e

    • Lee Pursey

      Sorry that’s 82232323en

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